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Isolatori farmaceutici

Jacomex is a leader in the design and manufacture of neutral gas purification units, glove boxes, all sizes isolators and containment enclosures, cosmetic tube testers.

Entrusting a project to Jacomex means choosing Jacomex’s expertise and the experience. Some 15,000 installations in all sectors worldwide in 75 years.

For the industry or research sector, Jacomex has developed a wide range of glove boxes, isolators, neutral gas purifiers, specific equipment and plastic metalloplastic tube crushers.

Thanks to its powerful production tools, qualified consultants and technicians, an integrated design office in Lyon (France), Jacomex is guarantees flexibility for your basic or complex projects and a guarantee of long-term reliability. Our glove boxes are always designed ergonomicallys and comfort of handling.

Our gas purification units have been developed in an eco-responsible approach, operating continuously in an automatic energy-saving mode with reduced energy consumption and low operating and maintenance costs.

Our technically superior purification units, particularly silent operation, are perfectly adapted and designed to purify variable volumes, without resorting to too frequent regenerations and allowing stability of the low contents in ppm.

Gas analyzers, machine integrations and various instrumentations are possible whatever your sector or your process.


Isolatore farmaceutico ad alta sicurezza sotto gas neutro filtrato in depressione o sovrappressione


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